The Glade

The Early Years Foundation Stage  

The Glade is where you will find Poppy and Buttercup classes. This is where our youngest children start their school years at Polden Bower. 

Both Poppy and Buttercup have their own outdoor play area which allows free-play both indoors and out. The children in this area have their own dining space for lunch, toilets and a sensory room. 

All children follow the Early Years Curriculum. Every child deserves the best possible start in life, in the Early Years we aim to give this by observing what the children can do and supporting them to fulfil their potential and become independent learners through the provision of a balance of child initiated and adult led experiences. Through play, our children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world. 

Our Early Years provision focuses on a practical, play based, experiential learning and child interests underpinned by Early Years ‘Development Matters’.  Using a creative and innovative approach we are able to build on pupils prior learning, experiences and existing knowledge and skills.  

Learning through play is at the heart of our practice, which is balanced with routine and structure.  Our pupils have access to a range of highly engaging indoor and outdoor play opportunities throughout the day which enables our pupils to develop their independent, Personal Social and Emotional and play skills within the school environment  

The Early Years Framework is made up of seven areas.

Prime Areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, social and emotional development 

Specific Areas:



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design 

The Glade Curriculum Overview


Settling into EYFS

Our initial focus in September is to settle the children as quickly as possible into school life. It is our aim to visit all children in their nursery setting during the Summer Term prior to the children starting school. This allows us to gather information from a child's 'Key Person' and to become a familiar face to the children. During the Summer Term before they start school in September, the children will have 'settling in sessions' at school with their current key person, so they can begin to become familiar with the Early Years classrooms and outdoor learning spaces.

During the half term in September, we will have individual stay and play sessions in school. This is a lovely way for parents and children to ask any remaining questions they may have and for the children to familiarise themselves with us again after the summer break, in their classroom and to see how well their child has settled! It is very important to us that both parents and children feel safe and secure in September allowing the children to be confident, happy and ready to learn and have fun!