Upper Phase- Riverside

Young people in Year 9, 10 and 11 learn and work in Riverside. The focus in Riverside is their next destination and working towards accreditation and qualifications.

The curriculum continues a focus on core in English, Maths and Science and then are given a range of learning opportunities within a vocational and practical curriculum which sits within the Preparation for Adulthood framework as follows:

Being Healthy

  • Physical Development - swimming, hydro, rebound, Outdoor adventurous activity, Team games and sports 
  • The Arts - Performing Arts, Dance,  Art & Design
  • RSE and PSHE 
  • Online Safety 

Community Inclusion

  • Community visits - preparing to go out, planning a trip
  • Volunteering 
  • RE - exploring different faiths and beliefs

Independent Living 

  • Meal preparation and cooking 
  • Looking after myself in my home 
  • Making choices with leisure activities 
  • Travel training including using public transport 
  • Shopping


  • Careers 
  • Work related learning and work experience 
  • Careers Fairs
  • College transition and taster sessions 
  • Computing and technology 
  • Horticulture / animal care / bike maintenance / Recycling / Photography / Radio station 

Classes in Riverside are:

  • Huntspill
  • Brue
  • Horner
  • Parrett
  • Yeo
  • Aller

Curriculum Overview