Centre for Independence

The Centre for Independence is Polden Bower sixth form and is based on Albert Street in Bridgwater. Whilst it is part of Polden Bower, it is not on the same campus, this gives students the sense of moving on into the sixth form along with their peers who move into local college. 

The Centre for Independence moved to new premises on 1 September 2021. It is two-storey building with traditional teaching and learning spaces on the higher level and vocational spaces on the lower level. 

Students continue their studies in sixth form, working towards and extending their accreditation portfolio. Functional skills in English, Maths and Computing form core learning alongside an options based curriculum which focuses on student's aspirations and future destination. 

The curriculum is geared around Preparation for Adulthood framework and focuses on the four key areas:

  • Employment 
  • Independent living 
  • Friends, Relationships and Community 
  • Good health

Preparation for Adulthood Destination Data