Believe you can appeal

We have an amazing new school with state of the art facilities, we have two things missing and we are working towards putting these things in place. 

Small animal area 

Small animals provide a very calming influence for our children and young people and they provide great learning opportunities. Students learn to look after the animals, learn how to care for them. They develop empathy, love and caring skills. They learn how to take responsibility. 

We are keen to create a small animal holding, with chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and even pygmy goats. We want to have this area open for our friends and families to come in during weekends and holidays to continue caring for and look after them. 

Community Horticulture area

Our children and young people really enjoy horticulture and we know the benefits that gardening can bring to our young people. Gardening provides heavy muscle work which is really beneficial for our young people. There is also a sense of satisfaction and celebration when you can see what you have grown. 

Children and young people learn to care for and look after plants, they can grow different vegetables and fruits and learn about how plants grow. 

We want to create a working area which is accessible to our family and friends of the school and available to access all year round. 

Please help....

There are lots of ways you can help us to reach our goals:

  • Donate materials to support us to look after the animals, such as toys, accessories and small cages, bedding, food etc 
  • Donate materials to support the horticulture - plant pots, seed trays, garden tools etc 
  • Donate money to the school to support us to purchase the bigger items such as Biodome or polytunnel, animal shelters, fencing and runs. 

PTFA - Parent, Teacher, Friends Association 

We are always keen to get as many of our parent, carers and friends supporting with fundraising events. The PTFA are an active group who organise the annual events such as Christmas Fayre, Easter Bingo and Summer Barbecue with sports day. 

The money raised through the PTFA is spent on the children and young people at Polden Bower School. This has included new bikes and outdoor play equipment, buddy benches for making friends at playtime. 

Sensory Play Appeal

Through generous donations of friends of the school and community organisations, we raised over £12,000 which paid for a new sensory room at Polden Bower School. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported our fundraising efforts.