Duke of Edinburgh

As students move into upper school they have the opportunity to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award. The award then becomes part of their weekly timetable.


The school holds a launch event in the autumn term which helps families understand the award. The event showcases the previous year’s achievements along with sharing information on equipment, expectations and the final expedition.


  • Physical: students will take part in a physical activity for up to 6 months. Their PE lessons can contribute to this but also any physical activity students may take part in outside of school.
  • Skill: students will learn a new skill for up to 6 months. This could be learning a musical instrument to learning first aid.
  • Volunteering: Students will take part in a volunteering project for up to 6 months. The aim is to contribute positively to the local community such as litter picking around Bridgwater.
  • Expedition: The final element of the award is to take part in an expedition which involves;
    • Bronze Award: two day expedition with an overnight camp
    • Silver Award: threes day expedition with two nights camping
    • Gold: four days expedition with three nights camping

As well as the four elements above, students will develop their skills in map reading and navigation, planning routes, putting up tents, planning and cooking a meal on a camping stove and packing rucksacks. Students will also develop other key skills such as teamwork and problem solving.


There is a cost involved for students to take part in the award. 

The price in 2020-21 to  be enrolled is £30.00 for bronze and silver and £37.00 for the gold award. This price also includes a personalised DofE t-shirt.

However, as a school we have been able to access group funding to help cover the costs of the award which has helped our families and ensure that all our students have the opportunity to access the award.




If you would like to find out more about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award then please contact Ryan Parker-Binns ryan.parker@poldenbower.org.uk

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