Bower Curriculum

The Bower Curriculum is one curriculum for all learners, which encompasses:

  • New EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) - Birth to 5 Framework 
  • MSC (Multi-Sensory Curriculum)
  • National Curriculum
  • OCR Life & Living Skills 
  • Functional Skills 

The first three phases within the school follow a three year cycle which ensures that there are opportunities for students to develop key skills, learn specific subject knowledge and vocabulary and build on this over time. 

When students reach Upper School, they move on to accredited curriculum pathways depending on their individual needs, aspirations and academic attainment. Students work towards Entry Level units awards and accreditations through OCR and AQA. They also have the opportunity to work towards Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT.

Core learning in English and Maths continues in Upper School alongside options which are vocational based and offer choices for students to follow topics, units and courses which they are interested in and which lead them to their next destination. 

For many of our students, they move on to further education at college for their post 16 years. A small cohort move into Polden Bower sixth form - Centre for Independence. The curriculum here is geared around the Preparation for Adulthood framework and students continue on accredited learning pathways. 

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Overview  - The Glade - Early Years 

Please click here to see the three year overview for The Glade: The Glade

Curriculum Overview - Woodlands - Lower School

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Curriculum Overview - Hillside - Middle School 

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Curriculum Overview - Riverside - Upper School

Riverside CurriculumRiverside OptionsRiverside PE

Assessment Overview