Our ambitious curriculum at post 16 prepares young people for life beyond school.

We have three specific pathways that build on prior learning. All pathways have a strong focus on communication which ensures young people have a voice and are able to share their views and opinions effectively.

Embedded within the curriculum are the four areas of preparing for adulthood and young people will develop their knowledge and skills so that they are ready for the wider world.

The three identified pathways are:

  • Pathway 1 - Choices for Life
  • Pathway 2 - Preparing for working life
  • Pathway 3 - Internship 

Please click on the links below to see more about what young people will learn within each pathway:

Choices for Life Preparing for working life Internship

When planning the Post 16 curriculum, we are always thinking about the destinations for our young people. Although we offer a 3 year curriculum for Post 16 young people, they can move on at any stage throughout this time. 











A closer look at how the four outcomes of Preparing for Adulthood are delivered within the Post 16 curriculum.

Young people will have experiences in developing employability skills with clear aspirations for some to move into the world of work. They will have 1:1 career (Futures) advice and guidance to help them with their decision-making and this in turn will create a ‘Futures’ plan that will shape their curriculum pathway.

An example of a ‘Futures’ plan can be found by clicking here

Developing employability skills is crucial for all our young people and we aim to achieve this through internal and external work experience. Young people will also apply these skills through our enterprise curriculum, creating products and services. Throughout the school year we run fairs, enterprise weeks and sell products in our onsite café all year round.



Developing independent living skills is embedded throughout the learning day. From the moment young people arrive to the time they go home; highly skilled staff will support learners to practice and apply these skills. For some, they will access Endeavour House, a local Bed and Breakfast that enables our learners to practice cleaning the home along with cooking and preparing their lunch. Young people will also access the community travelling to and using facilities such as 1610 leisure centre, the library and supermarkets in order to develop money skills. Embedded into the curriculum are other important skills that support the development of independence such as managing money and potential income, understanding medical appointments and making decisions on a daily basis.


Young people attending our post 16 provision will continue to follow a very detailed PSHE and Personal Development programme. Understanding and maintaining positive friendships both in an education environment as well as within the community and or workplace is crucial. Young people will develop their skills in managing their own time, being safe in the community as well understanding the criminal justice system and most importantly knowing where to go for help and how to use the emergency services. Volunteering in the community plays a large part in the curriculum and this work is linked to the Duke of Edinburgh award for those that are enrolled.


Within the curriculum our young people will learn about living a healthy lifestyle, exploring food choices, taking part in physical activities and understanding relationships, including sexual relationships. Young people and their families are also fully supported in transitioning to adult health services. Many of our young people will have specific requirements that need to be followed on a daily basis. Our post 16 provision ensures that these needs are met fully. Young people will access rebound therapy, for some accessing our onsite warm water pool or for others accessing a local leisure centre to swim.